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What’s so unique about our range?

Ground breaking encapsulation process
We prefer to present supplements in capsule form whenever possible which helps to protect the contents meaning that common additives which are often problematic for intolerant individuals, can be avoided.

A world first, BioCare® DuoCaps are a capsule in a capsule which allow multiple ingredients to be available as a single supplement and then be released at different times in the gut.

Micellisation to aid absorption
We use unique technology to lock microscopically small droplets of a nutrient into a micelle which is small enough to pass through the mucosal barrier of the gastrointestinal tract and so increases absorption greatly.

Unique Emulsification process
Our emulsification process allows oils to be better utilised by the body. BioCare® fish oils are subject to strict criteria for quality and purity being screened for heavy metals, PCBs and other organic contaminants.

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