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L-Carnitine 100g

What is L-Carnitine 100g Powder?

L-Carnitine 100g Powder contains Carnitine improves energy metabolism in the brains nerve centres (Neurones), therefore may help increase brain power, alertness and concentration. This amino acid enhances the conversion of fatty acids into energy by entering the mitochondria, the metabolic centre of the cells, and then is utilised and burned for energy by the body. These preferred fatty acids are also utilised by the heart muscles, therefore may help to improve cardiovascular health, and also play an important role in lowering cholesterol.

Who Is L-Carnitine 100g Powder For?

L-Carnitine 100g Powder may be of benefit to;

  • Athletes
  • People who gym or exercise often
  • Those who wish to maintain a healthy body weight
  • People who wish to care for their heart
  • Those who wish to maintain a healthy nervous system
  • Quality

One Heaped Scoop of L-Carnitine Powder contains (average):

Pure L-Carnitine Powder


Adults and children over 16 years of age, take one heaped scoop a day (approx.3g). Dissolve in fruit juice of your choice, as the taste may not be pleasing with water alone; take on an empty stomach.

Do not exceed recommended daily intake unless advised by a suitably qualified person.
Warnings: Pregnant women should seek professional advice before use.

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