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Staying active and creative advices

You would like to be active and creative the whole day? Every day! 
It is easy if you know what to eat. Healthy diet is important for everyone. 
Our breakfast is the most important meal during the day. Eating milk products can give you required concentration of Vitamin B12, A and E, also calcium for proper function of muscles, and what is important vitamin B2 which helps to energy exchange by digesting fats and carbohydrates in to energy which you need to be active the whole day. 
All those vitamins and micro-elements are important to stay energetic and healthy. Nevertheless our body require also amino-acids to stay young and to support proper absorption of vitamins. Human body need 22 amino a-cids to stay healthy, we can find those acids in different kinds of food and balance your diet. But Aloe Vera - has 20 of 22 required amino-acids to support your body. Therefore drinking Aloe Vera will help you to find balance for your health and body. Adding Aloe Vera products to your morning meal will help to keep you young and energetic.

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Brought to you by health enthusiast Annna Prakofieva

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